The Abundant Woman
Mentoring Circle
Do you feel that changes and uncertainty have become the new normal? 
Are you struggling to be at ease and thrive in this environment?
Before I share more, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Olga Naumovski and I am the Founder of The Abundant Woman. I am a mum, business owner, health enthusiast and spiritual soul that is deeply passionate about supporting other women to live  ✨ life with a deep inner joy and fulfilment.

Can you imagine being truly able to withstand the challenges that come into your life? 
Can you imagine creating your dream business, work scenario, relationship, health, financial position? 

THIS is my aim with the Abundant Woman Circle. THIS is what is possible for all of us.

Let me ask you...
  • Are you into personal growth?
  • ​Are you feeling stuck in a part of your life?
  • ​Is there something you want or desire that you are not getting?
  • ​Do you want to connect with people who think the way you do?
  • ​Did you know that your life is the average of the 5 closest people around you?
  • ​Do you want a change in your love life, career, health or body?
  • ​Do you have habits you want to change but can't?
  • ​Are you looking for your purpose and feel a little lost?
  • ​Are your kids grown up and you need to come back to yourself and find who you are?
  • ​Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed or on edge a lot of the time?
  • ​Do you have issues in your relationship with your partner or teenage kids?

If you connected with one of those then this group is for you.

The Abundant Woman Circle is a free flowing space where you can embark or continue on your personal journey and be supported.

Having growth strategies that honour your feminine energy enable you to be your true self, thrive and create more of what you desire.

The best way to describe the Abundant Woman Mentoring Circle is that they are like a gym for the mind and a space for your soul to awaken. We cover a range of topics and help you integrate these into your life. This is more than just reading about more personal development material - we help you create shifts.

So here is a summary of what we offer you.
  • Mentoring: Affordable online fortnightly group coaching for 75 min per session.
  • Personal Mentoring Session: Quarterly personal one-on-one session with me.
  • Community: A community of likeminded women where you are supported and celebrated and lovingly and warmly held accountable to your desires and growth.
  • Mindset Training: Training that can keep you in flow even if there is negativity around you.
  • Huge Value for Money: $74 a month - yep you read it right! $74 per month. If you would like to access past courses and stay for the year please register and then email me at for a special 2 month discount.

To change your external world, you have to first do the work on the inside. Join the Abundant Woman Circle and do the work with us.

Pampering and nourishing 💫 your mind and soul is AS important (if not more) than exercising or pampering your body.

Did you know that your belief system (which was developed as a child) still runs your life! 

Imagine wearing the clothes👖you had as a kid NOW. You couldn't and wouldn't because you’ve out grown them. Well the same has happened to your beliefs – you've outgrown them.

Our beliefs determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine how we feel, our feelings determine what we do and what we do determines what we get in life ♡. 

We are who we are and have what we have because of the beliefs we hold. When you upgrade your beliefs then everything will change. 

This is the difference between being a passenger in your life and letting life happen to you versus taking charge and turning your life into something you love no matter the circumstances.

Mindset 🤩 is everything. The Abundant Woman groups are a super affordable way to keep your mindset positive, expansive and awake.

Learn what is possible. Be inspired by the power you have and not even know about.

Click on the link below to join now. 

See you in the circle.
Olga x
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